Monday Round Dance Party
Doug & Leslie Dodge and Randy & Rose Wulf
Royal Hall at Mesa Regal RV Resort
March 14, 2021–6:30 EZ · 7-9pm 3/4/5
Easy Set – 6:30 To 7:00 – Doug & Randy
TodayWZ 2Beam
HushTS 2Croft/Dezordo
Just Another Woman In LoveRB 3+1Nolen
My Cup Runneth Over IIWZ 2+1Dodge
RooneyTS 2Woolcock
Green WavesWZ 2Parker
Rock Paper ScissorsTS 2Hoppe
Un Tango Del CuoreTG 3+2Schmidt
Make Love To MeWC 4+2Gloodt
I Belong To YouRB/FT 5+2Dodge
ArizonaWZ 3+1Harris, S&L
Dance With The DevilCH 4+2Pelton
Years Have PassedBL 3Harris, P&S
Lovely Lough Conn IVWZ 4Healea
OneFT/TS 3Wulf
Fields Of GoldBL 4+2Callahan/Cowan
Reggae CowboyCH 4+1Bond
Someone Must Feel Like A Fool TonightWZ 3+2Collier
You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And DanceJV 4+2Hixson
The Best Things Happen While You're DancingFT 5Bradt
Wonderful RainST 3Young
Irish WasherwomanCH 3Buckmaster/Reigel
Bottle Up The West CoastWC 4+2Callen
Just A TangoTG 5Childers
A Taste Of The WindRB 3Eddins
El RelojBL 4+1Trankel/Gilder
The Last Blues SongFT 5Scherrer
Molly Maguire's WaltzWZ 4+2Lamberty
Ring My BellsRB/FT 4+1Wulf
Solitude CityFT 4+2Gibson
One Call AwayRB 3+2Drumheller
Baby You've Got What It TakesJV 3+1Parker
Forrest GumpWZ 5Moore
Heartbreak HotelWC 4Parker
All The Time In The WorldBL 3+2Lankuttis
Goodnight Waltz (Dance)
Legends Of The FallWZ 4+2Gloodt