Round Dance Phase 2-3-4-5
Larry & Susan Sperry
Friday, February 11, 2022
Black Horse And Cherry TreeCH 3+1Hattrick
Lovely Lough ConnWZ 2+1Healea
Always ThereRB 3Kline
Bye Bye BluesFT 4Eckley
Night OwlST 4+1Casper/Beck
Black SatinJV 4+2Gloodt
One Call AwayRB 3+2Drumheller
Unchained WaltzWZ 3+1Taylor
I've Got The World On A StringFJ 3+2Sperry
CryingRB 3+2Maguire
Rainbow ConnectionWZ 4Childers
Valentine BoleroBL 3+1Donoughe
I See It NowWZ 2+1Parker
American Kids IITS 2+2Collins
SherryCH 3Seurer
I Wanta QuickstepQS 3+1Palmquist
Life Is A Slow DanceWZ 4+2Worlock
Harlem NocturneRB 5+2Cavness
Axel FCH 3+1Mathewson
Wouldn't You KnowFT 3+2Trautman
Harlem NocturneRB 5+2Cavness
You're Something Special To MeWC 4+1Gooch
Esta RumbaRB 3+1Barton
Lady Lay DownWZ 2+1Parker