Round Dance Phase 2-3-4-5
Larry & Susan Sperry
Friday, February 4, 2022
Love Potion '08CH 3+1Watanabe
EdilweissWZ 2Kullman
Just A KissRB 3Storm
Bye Bye BluesFT 4Eckley
Girl CrushST 4+1Ahart
Black SatinJV 4+2Gloodt
Better Place IIIRB 3+1Yoshikawa
TogetherWZ 3Sperry
Seven Lonely DaysJV 3Bartlette
Hear My SongRB 3+2Woolcock
Rainbow ConnectionWZ 4Childers
El RelojBL 4Gilder/Trankel
Kiss In The Dark IIWZ 2+1Aoyama
You Can't Take It With YouTS 2Bartlette
Chilly Cha IIICH 3+2Brown
Pop Goes The MoviesMIXED 3+2Raye
Life Is A Slow DanceWZ 4+2Worlock
CarnivalRB 4Rumble
It's In His KissCH 3+1Byrd
Free Spirit IIIWZ 3+1Oren
Harlem NocturneRB 5+2Cavness
Lovey DoveyWC 4+2Blackford
Rhythm Of The RainRB 3+1Seurer
Husbands And WivesWZ 2+2Sperry
Subject to Change · Requests if time permits