Round Dance Phase 2-3-4-5
Larry & Susan Sperry
Friday, January 28, 2022
Just Remember The SunshineCH 3Haworth
Irish RomanceWZ 2+1Healea
Night WavesRB 3Kenny
Arrivederci RomaFT 4Floden
FeathersST 4Renauld
Black SatinJV 4+2Gloodt
LillyMB 3+1Parker
Sweet MelodyWZ 2+2Hixson
Return To SenderJV 3+2Griffin
In The Misty MoonlightRB 3+1Kennedy
My Violet FoxtrotFT 4Harris
Oh, What A NightCH 4Gloodt
Legends Of The FallWZ 4Gloodt
Lady Lay DownWZ 2+1Parker
One Less Set Of FootstepsTS 2Byars
I'm In Love With YouRB 3+1Keller
Far Away PlacesFT 3+2Sperry
Life Is A Slow DanceWZ 4+2Worlock
CarnivalRB 4Rumble
Paparazzi IIICH 3Kincaid
Heart IIWZ 2Chadd
Harlem NocturneRB 5+2Cavness
I'm A Man In LoveWC 4+1Cunningham
Return To SorrentoRB 3+1Lucibello
All NightWZ 2Jaeb
Subject to Change · Requests if time permits