New Year's Ball
Bali Ha'i IVRB 4+1Gloodt
Eagles Saturday NightWZ 3+1Townsend-M
Black SatinJV 4+2Gloodt
Waltz Of ChihiroWZ 5Hilton
Please Answer Me ChaCH 3Nelson
As If I Didn't KnowST 4Sperry
Pontoon West CoastWC 5+1Ayres
Puppet On A StringFT 3Watanabe
SedaliaRB 4+2Kenny
Legends Of The FallWZ 4+2Gloodt
Dance With The DevilCH 4+2Pelton
The InspectorFT 3+1Cavness
Just A TangoTG 5Childers
Loving You RumbaRB 4+2Foral
Climax IIIWZ 3Nolen
Girl CrushST 4+1Ahart
Woodchoppers BallMX 3+1Lawson
I Like To Lead When I DanceFT 5Vogt
Alligator StrollWC 4+2Gloodt
SunflowerJV 5Tonks
Night OwlST 4+2Casper/Beck
Hello Mary LouCH 3+2Scott
Dancing Like LoversWZ 5+1Blackford
Sam's New PantsFT 4+1Finch
Chasing The SunRB 4+2Collins
CaponeFT 5+2Armstrong
Wonderful RainST 3Young
Teacher's Pet IVJV 4+1Hixson
Kindred SpiritsBL 4Gloodt
Feed The BirdsWZ 3+2Buck
SugarcaneWZ 5+1Vogt
Senorita TangoTG 4Rumble
Neutron DanceCH 3+1Dunn
Pink Cat FoxFT 4+1Armstrong
Harlem NocturneRB 5+2Cavness
Adeline IIIST 3+2Kincaid
Haunted GuitarWZ 5+2Sheridan
Thoroughly Modern MillieQS 4Preskitt
ShahdarobaRB 3+1Barnhill
Small PlanesWC 4+2Goss