Photo Directory
 Mesa Cuers Brochure Jan - Apr 2023 (revised Jan 3)
 Mesa Cuers Promotional Flyer

 Goss Itinerary
 Beginner Bolero & 3/4 Waltz Figure Clinic Jan-Mar (Dodge)
 Wednesday Round Dance Party Jan-Mar (Dodge)
 Sunday Round Dance Specials 2022-2023 (Weiss/Sperry)


 Dancing In The Desert Jan 6-7, 2023 (Vogts)
 Dancing In The Desert Lite Jan 6, 2023 (Vogts)
    Dancing In The Desert Preliminary Schedule
 Sunshine Acres Benefit Square/Round Dance Jan 22
 Tower Point 3/4/5 Round Dance Party (Sperry/Wulf) Jan 23
 Cactus Capers Feb 3-5 (Worlocks)
 Mesa Magic March 3-4 (Dodge/Wulf)

 All Cuer Fun Dance (ph 2-6) March 29

 2023 ICBDA Convention - July 5-8