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 Mesa Cuers Brochure Oct-Dec 2023 (rev 10/28)
 Mesa Cuers Promotional Flyer

 Dancing with the Dodges 2023_24 Mesa, AZ season

 Mesa Dance Opportunities Resources

 Hurd November/December Calendar
 Weiss/Sperry Sunday Afternoon Round Dances
 Dee Dee Dougherty / Larry & Susan Sperry Square/Round Dance (Saturdays)
 Goss Ballroom West Coast Swing Class
      Goss Ballroom West Coast Swing Schedule Dec-Jan
 Wednesday Dodge Party Dances Nov-Dec
 Dancing in The Desert Lite Jan 5 (Phase 4, Worlocks)
 Dancing in The Desert Jan 5,6 (Phase 4-6, Worlocks)
 Dodge Cha Basic Lessons Jan 11 - Mar 18
 Escape The Snow Ball - Dance & Dinner Jan 15 - Reservations req'd.
 Cactus Capers Feb 2-4
 Valentine's Day Party Dance
 Yuma Festival (Feb 16-18)
 Mesa Magic 2024 (March 1 & 2)
 All Cuer Fun Dance (March 27)

 2024 ICBDA Convention - July 10-13