Let's Dance Together
A Thousand YearsRB 4Armstrong
Any Dream FoxtrotFT 3Pinks
Beach Party ChaCH 3Williams
Beat Of Your HeartST 5Preskitt
Black Horse & Cherry Tree ChaCH 3Hattrick
CandlelightWZ 5Goss B&C
CarnivalRB 4Rumble R&R
Carolina MoonWZ 3Rumble R&R
Cuando Me EnamoroRB 4Gloodt
El Mismo SolCH 3Garza
El RelojBL 4Trankel/Gilder
Forrest GumpWZ 5Moore
Fur EliseWZ 4Rumble R
Hit Me With A Hot NoteWC 5Goss B&C
I Wanta QuickstepQS 3Palmquist
Just Another Woman In Love IIIRB 3Nolen
Legends Of The FallWZ 4Gloodt
Solitude CityFT 4Gibson
The Alligator StrollWC 4Gloodt
The Last Blues SongFT 5Scherrer