Phase 4/5 Hall
A Guy Is A GuyJV 5Preskitt
A Lady In RedBL 4Moore
A Wink And A SmileFT 5Rumble R&R
All I Do Is JiveJV 4Hurd
All That JazzFT 5Sechrist
Am I Blue IVFT 4Slater
And I Love You SoRB 5Childers
Beauty And The Beast IVBL 4Kincaid
Better PlaceRB 5Johnson
Black SatinJV 4Gloodt
Black Tie TangoTG 4Moore
Blueberry HillWC 5Buck
Boogie BumperQS 5Schmidt
Boogie TimeJV 4Gloodt
CaponeFT 5Armstrong
ChicagoQS 4Preskitt
Coney Island IVWZ 4Gloodt
Cuando Me ChaCH 5Preskitt
CurameCH 4Foral
Dance With The DevilCH 4Pelton
Donde Estas YolandaMB 4Parker
Don't Let The Sun Catch You CryingBL 5Preskitt
Fine Brown FrameJV 4Hurd
Get It OnWC 5Lewis/Olson
Girl CrushST 4Ahart
Hallelujah FoxtrotFT 4Preskitt
Haunted Guitar 5WZ 5Sheridan
Hola AmorBL 5Goss/Figwer
How Lucky Can One Guy Be?JV 5Preskitt
I Can Love You Like ThatBL 5Johnson
I Like To Lead When I DanceFT 5Vogt
In Times Like TheseWC 4Gloodt
JesseWZ 4Gloodt
JurameRB 5Worlock
Just A TangoTG 5Childers
Kindred SpiritsBL 4Gloodt
Last Night ChaCH 5Worlock
LaurannWZ 4Preskitt
Los Rayos Del SolRB 5Moore
Loving You RumbaRB 4Foral
Me & My SisterWZ 4Read
Mi AmanteBL 5Nelson K&B
Mi VidaRB 4Read
Mi Vida Sin Tu AmorBL 4Gloodt
My Foolish Heart IVBL 4Preskitt
My Heart Will Go OnBL 4Vogt
NightfallWZ 5Rumble R
No WallsWZ 4Worlock
Orient Express FoxtrotFT 5Moore
Out Of AfricaWZ 4Shibata
Perfidia In BrazilRB 5Hurd
Pontoon West CoastWC 5Ayres
Right Here Waiting For YouRB 5Preskitt
Sam's New PantsFT 4Finch
Scheherazade IVWZ 4Gloodt
Senorita TangoTG 4Rumble R&R
Sleeping BeautyBL 5Moore
Small PlanesWC 4Goss B&C
SolitaireBL 5Goss B&C
SugarcaneWZ 5Vogt
Summertime IVFT 4Vogt
SunflowerJV 5Tonks
Tampa JiveJV 5Macuci
The BardWZ 5Lamberty/Morales
The Girl From IpanemaFT 5Preskitt
The Human Thing To DoFT 5Sheridan
The Sun, The Sea & The SkyWZ 5Bradt
Theme From 'Inuyasha'WZ 5Hilton
Theme From ShrekWZ 5Worlock
This Is The LifeFT 4Rumble R&R
Thoroughly Modern MillieQS 4Preskitt
Uptown FunkCH 5Gibson
West Coast Swingin'WC 4Nelson K&B
Witchcraft IVFT 4Slater
You Decorated My LifeBL 4Gloodt